Making Change Easy

Women are turning to personal coaches every day to help them in many different ways. Here are 5 powerful reasons why.

Before I do, just for clarification ……You hear about coaching in so many walks of life now. We all know what a sports coach does, but there are business coaches, executive coaches, financial coaches, reading and math coaches, parent coaches, and the list goes on.  More often than not this buzz word is being used to describe the roles of a consultant or an expert in the field but when blocks and resistance are there, the experts are still at a loss at how to turn things around, and we all know how change can feel like swimming an upstream battle. On the other hand, a professional coach is trained to help break through resistance using the coaching process and specific skills. So why is working with a professional coach so powerful?  Here are 5 good reasons.

#1 Coaching is based on and validated with brain and neuroscience research.

Studies are being done on how the brain operates. Dr. John Medina, David Rock and Jeffery Schwartz are a few of many researchers who study human behavior to help businesses increase their creativity and their productivity. They found that the coaching process instills new thoughts and habits without undue pain and stress. New data like this is driving the coaching industry forward proving it to be a powerful and effective change medium.

#2. Coaching aligns a person’s inner and outer worlds; creates an emotional connection.

Coaching is about aligning a person’s inner and outer values, gifts, passions, personal mission and strengths with the outer world. It creates an emotional connection; the key here is the emotional connection. It is a little similar to the chiropractor who adjusts the person’s inner alignment, in order for the rest of the body to operate well. When a person is aligned, there is less resistance and life moves forward with greater speed and less stress. When people are emotionally connected to their outer goals, powerful lasting change is possible.

# 3 Coaches will help people think beyond the obvious and see a bigger picture

A simple way to explains this is in the way a circus elephant is trained, by attaching a shekel and chain around his leg the elephant can’t get away. Eventually the shekel isn’t needed because he’s conditioned to stay put. We react similarly to our world but we put the cuffs on our own legs though our negative self talk and sabotage, assumptions, interpretations, and limiting beliefs. A coach uses strategies to help their clients stretch, evaluate, see life in a different way,

# 4 Coaching uses Focus and Action.

By helping people to maintain focus on realistic goals and take manageable action steps, the coach assists their clients to work their plan.  Focus and action are the vital keys needed applied to well designed, realistic goals.  Coaches help to minimize fears and give encouragement, believing that their client is well capable of achieving their goals.

#5 Coaching is a good financial investment.

Businesses like Verizon, Toyota and Lockheed Martin are utilizing coaches to keep a completive edge.  Businesses have found that the investment they make in training employees on new skills is returned almost 6 times when coaching follows the initial training. On a personal level I doubt that there is a monetary value that could be put on improved health, greater self esteem/confidence, healthy relationships or making your dreams a reality.

So here you have it …. coaching

  • Is research proven
  • Connects the inner being with their outer world
  •  Helps people to see a bigger picture
  • Focuses a person and is action orientated
  • Good financial investment.

I’ll leave you with a quote by Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot has said, “I firmly believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.”

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